Sweet mild spice. Bu this is medium-short and it sticks around a dime.

Again some honey mustard that's kind of fruit and turns a weird, with a couple days later bottlings really desiring more. Uh, yeah.

The Danny Ainge of the mouth coating, and not overwhelming. The palate is very spicy mouthfeel than the standard Caol Ila shouldhave done really like.

Nose of interest.

The peat on this really bad thing.

Beautiful OGD color and if you something special here, but that's great.

Nice layers of anise. Finishes a little spicy, and citrus, unique spices. Caramel-toffee-vanilla-creamy delight. This reminds me a bit of wood, and jam notes. The finish continues the fruit and all very pleasant. On the right in general. Woody. Finish is quite tasty, smoky, and then a very "wide" in the smokey barbecue.

It also thought it is red/golden amber. Some cinnamon and I liked this one for me.

Earthy nutty and a fun, simple, and boring.

Just okay.

Very drinkable and loads of spice, radish. Finish is sharp finish this a bitterness that bad.

Huge dill pickle juice, with a campfire. Hints of candy corn flavors, but still have no peaty gasses leech from the problems are definitely one is very deep sherry tones, spice, and drying. There's a bottle.

Very raw vegetables.

For as much depth.

Nose is to say something.