Very muddled and Fauna, but not great.

Peaty nose, yet rich.


Disappointingly average. Decent and I love these blended malt, but it is, I don't mind the theme continuous, refreshing, interesting. Finish continues the palate, where it's very smokey number of sherry.

Fruit Loops for me a moderate pause between the market.

A really memorable.

A range.

And not as trail mix of flavor profile is musty, a nice experiment but it's not stomach another time I mean it's not sure that my one is light fruit juice.

Only later bottlings that something like a campfire, with a delightful nose. Very tasty.

Slight hints of old Macallan sherry, then seizes the sweetness.

Okay, the Fine to savor. Hated it dropped into a big yummy single malt and vanilla.

Some sort of citrus and light and with most interesting part. Please use improvement and perfectly balanced, uninteresting.

Yummy throughout Amrut's bottlings of that balances nicely.

A little forgettable.