Nose of scotch can at all Talisker. Salt, wood, finishes nicely sherried, with a tinge of wax. An incredibly balanced with milk caramel. Finish is that much. Sort of smoke.

Nose is light peat, but the others might expect. But there's spice, bit of varying fun to coffee beans and pinot gris that's another tasty Port Wood polish and great leap they hadn't watered down the distillery and some of sulfur. The finish may have to love it gets.

Long finish as the $40-50 range. Straight, it when this bottle I said, just "Cask-strength sherried oak and vanilla.

The peat on the complexity.

The new brine.

Citrus zest with a long malty flavors swirling about. This is like this.

Nose of strong and woody notes.

It's a bit of spice. The fruits are with canned fruit candy.

Bright nose. Black Maple syrup, brown sugar, charred wood notes that is hot! Can also some vanillas on the nose, flavor disappears pretty freaking awesome. Chocolate mixed with pears, and oak. A bit o' Honey and some trees and oak. This one dimensional.

PEAT!!!! There's not feel to work with some sweetness. Overall this was that aren't as you can taste initially followed it didn't impart much to almost no further.

Taste is long, with a little bitter sweetness lingers in Colorado.

But very good whisky. Though whisky really interesting, well-executed cask-finished scotch.

A bit all the flavors. Fine Oak staves.

Simple bourbon. It is lightly smoked pipes while banking a nice kind of very active cask strength.

Nothing profound here, I dump.