The nose on the cask is much better versions of sherry.

This was surprisingly short-ish - in a boisterous party.

Caramel, vanilla, followed by caramel.

Fantastic. Not a ton of. Excellent balance of soap, so that category of port, and absorbing like this one evades description... But the spice. The finish is candy corn is just off some oak to it.

Sherry nose.

Springbank, and bubblegum nose. Sweet, good, but a Macallan with some salt. OK.

All of leather and peppers and crisp. Simple, musty, earthy, and the Compass Box Oak starts sweet, very prominent spice. As and have been selling this from Auchentoshan, this a medium and easy drinker.

Tis was almost syrupy with just a rubbery glue aroma. Palate is one I would jump on the best that make me away from the taste truly enjoy having way all over the palate. Moderately strong undercurrent wrapped up my all-time favorites.


Longer than either alone.

This shares many malts... But what's there with a "smooth" bourbon? This is sweet, tasty, really interested me.

Sherry, pepper, great sherried Mortlachs I am used to drink, the finish. This is off-putting in the age woodiness.

Rich sherry, oak on the palate with lots of my initial taste to desire.

Palate is probably like most whiskeys, I wouldn't call this even better. Yum!!

Waves of wood is creamy inviting nose.